Seagrass Model

Coupled vegetation-sediment-water-flow model to examine effects of seasonal and interannual seagrass density on sediment resuspension, water column turbidity, and light environment. The daily growth model was designed to capture belowground biomass and the growth and senescence leaves and stems. 

Key reference: Carr, J., D’Odorico, P., McGlathery, K. J. and Wiberg, P. L. (2012) ‘Stability and resilience of seagrass meadows to seasonal and interannual dynamics and environmental stress’, Journal of Geophysical Research G: Biogeosciences, 117(1).

Key datasets: Al-Haj, AN, MS Thesis, UVA, 2010

InputsTidal elevation, tidal current, wind speed and direction, water temperature, PAR, bed grain size.  Also initial above and below-ground seagrass biomass. Time step = 1 hr.
OutputsPAR reaching the canopy, TSS, meadow characteristics (belowground biomass, above ground components (leaves and stems) and associated biomass). 
Time scalesYears – decades

Example of model output (from Carr et al. 2012):