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The goals of our education program are to: 1) involve and excite local school kids and teachers about marine science in general, and specifically about their local coastal barrier system; 2) reach a broader audience of students through web-based resources; and 3) train undergraduate and graduate students through VCR research and involvement in national and internal collaborations. Our site director, A. Schwarzschild, is our current Education and Outreach Coordinator and works closely with local teachers and students. He also has forged new education collaborations with our partners at The Nature Conservancy and colleagues at Chesapeake Experience. Our Schoolyard LTER program is focused on local high schools in Northampton County and contains 3 main components: 1) curriculum development, 2) teacher training, and 3) high school student summer research internships.  In collaboration with the Anheuser-Busch Coastal Research Center (ABCRC), we also engage in teacher development.  Additionally, many VCR/LTER researchers participate in the public seminars offered by the ABCRC. 

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