CBS Story on Ghost Forests

VCR/LTER Investigator Matt Kirwan was featured in a segment of CBS Mornings on April 21, 2023. You can view it at:

New VCR LTER Data Visualization App

With the goal of making VCR data accessible to stakeholders in the community and to eventually facilitate bringing VCR data into the classroom, VCR Graduate student Sean Hardison has created a new data visualization app for interactively viewing data from the Oyster Meteorological  and Tide Stations .   The interactive app allows you to view up to two variables simultaneously vs time. The variables available for viewing include, temperature (air and water), relative tide level, wind speeds and precipitation events.   They can be aggregated by the month, week, day and hour.   The underlying technology is the open source Shiny  R package that generates on-the-fly visualizations from the latest VCR/LTER data.