1996 VCR/LTER All Scientists' Meeting

Research Summaries

A Compilation of Past Year's Research (1995)

Table of Contents

The following summaries, tables, and figures discuss ongoing unpublished research and are NOT for citation. For more information, contact the individual authors.

These research abstracts have been grouped according the major VCR LTER hypotheses to which their work relates. To see these abstracts ordered as they were presented* Click here. Comments from the authors about the appropriate grouping for their abstract(s) are welcome. --- dlr2n

* previous year's categories

Megasite (MS) Studies

North Hog Island Chronosequence (HI) Studies

Hog Island Bay Lagoon and Marshes (LM) Studies

Mainland Marsh Transition (MM) Studies

Other VCR LTER Research : Information Management

Complementary (non-LTER) Research

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