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Virginia Coast Reserve
Bruce P. Hayden & John H. Porter

University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA

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Illustrations in .GIF of .JPG forms can be uploaded via FTP to in the /tmp/regional directory (click here to see an example. Alternatively, illustrations can be put on your site WWW server and you can embed HTML anchors in the text which point to your home server. Please keep illustrations <= 500 pixels wide to facilitate viewing. Contact John Porter with questions.

Scientific Basis for Regionalization

Each site should identify the region that their site represents and state the scientific rationale for selection of the region. This may include an illustration or two that drives home key points. For example, time history of chemical depositon and a map of deposition might tell the story best.

Regionalization Research

The concept for this section is specificity as compared to that which is already presented. Sites may have several to many examples that show off the activities finished, in progress or on the drawing boards.


Papers in press that are part of the sites regionalization activity should be cited here.


As most sites are working their ways into the area of regionalization without augmentation funding, please note other sources of funds that contributed to the current status of regionalization efforts.

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