Climate Ecosystem Dynamics

A Hyperlink Index to CED Back Issues

CED 1992
CED1.1 Spring greenup, max temperatures, night warming, NMHCs, and snowbreezes.
CED1.2 Fauna by/on climate, O2 thermometer, not so warm, dew points, and ozone.
CED1.3 Freezes, leaves and Tmin, oases, CO2 consensus?, Konza lightning.
CED1.4 Treeline, CO2 & brains, bioclouds & decomposition, ice nuclei, and tulip trees.
CED1.5 Ozone & IPCC woes, ET Not!, ecosnoflakes, microecoclimates, bio-ice nuclei.
CED1.6 EcoT-storms, bio-haze, CO2 & pimples & dead plants, IPCC, and El Nino.
CED1.7 CC fun, bore temps, Coldfoot winds, lichen dew, lichen ice, and ozone wars.
CED1.8 Cool soil, LUQ Temp history, bio-friction: how rough veg?, flatus Earth.
CED1.9 Blind sheep, VCR phenology change, HAT SIZE, trust: models or obs?

CED 1993
CED 2.1 Cloud climate-change, aphids and water potential, treeline thermodynamics.
CED 2.2 Bore holes, lightning & veg, Prof. Went, clouds of color, and re-aphids.
CED 2.3 CWT ice, big flakes, manure mist, green T-storms, lightning tree-strikes.
CED 2.4 Part I JRN dust, Nostoc,manna, Pielke's ice, shrew winds.
CED 2.4 Part II LTER dust, Mr. Beaufort, aphids sucking update, tree flagging.
CED 2.5 Xylem suckers, Giardi, EIMAEGC, Moonset, and the heavenly vault,.
CED 2.7 (sic) All Sci, SOI, El Nino, Quinn by Dahm, liberalism & intolerance.
CED 2.7 Noah & Joseph, Runs & Spells, the 7 day wets, teens & winter, and hats.
CED 2.8 Stapleton, ReRain, warming?, cephlomorphometrics, Estes Park El Nino.
CED 2.9 Mini-Max, Hobbie Units, LMER/LTER hats, lawns, frostless, TJ HDD.
CED 2.10 Demented, roast dino., waves, leaves, & abscission, ginko, and consensus.

CED 1994
CED 3.1 Ice sculptdures: flowers, caves, gardens, Jack Frost, and Mr. Tyndall.
CED 3.2 & 3.3 Green T-storms, ReReRain, ugly facts, light/dark snowflakes.
CED 3.4 Falling flakes, rain Vt, critter rain, charged ukp, roadkills, wet & hot?.
CED 3.5 Gas change, hair house, tornado buster, tornado change, and hebdomaldality.
CED 3.6 & 3.7 Balloon head, church fans, bee fur, not so fast, thunder ear.
CED 3.6 & 3.7 (cont.) Nearsighted and Peals claps, rolls and rumbles.
CED 3.8 Loxodanta: trees, dating and sex, big heads, wind noise, and earless fish.
CED 3.9 Ice making, tatties, trees confess, leafing and RH, snowflake fitness.
CED 3.10 (sic) Flatuosities: recordings, genes, Alvarez; Tyndall, and warming?.
CED 3.10 (cont.) Angell, 2000 AD, wrming, irrationality, and tall is bad.

CED 1995
CED 4.1 & 4.2 Soundings, wind-power NOT, climomythology, blood-sucking.
CED 4.3 Dark clouds, bean-balls, hog-mate, horn-honking, and Lombroso hotheads.
CED 4.5 & 4.6 Blame game, frost point, $5.95 / lb, chinook, pants-climate.
CED 4.7 Fraser, fallstriefen, sylvanshine, heiligenschein and butchwax.
CED 4.8 CED surfing, pollen corona, Elizabethan cosomology and Konza storms
CED 4.9 Greenest, climate & death, drops, violence, CDR, citiation follies.

CED 1996
CED 5.1 Be dry, fish fall, ART, Dwarfs & Giants, storms and biodiversity, ice house
CED 5.2 Blizzard & Global Warming, The CIA, HerptoClimate, Hugo's Forests