VCR Principal InvestigatorList

Anderson, Iris Wetlands Eoclogy (VIMS)

Brinson, Mark Wetlands Ecology (ECU)

Blum, Linda Microbial Ecology (UVa)

Carlson, C. R. Avian and Small Mammal Ecology (UVa)

Christian, Robert Nutrient Cycling (ECU)

Dueser, Raymond, Small Mammal Ecology (Utah State Univ.)

Erwin, Michael, Avian Ecology (USF&W)

Frank Day Terrestrial Ecology and Belowground Processes (ODU)

Furman, Tanya Mineralogy and Petrology (UVa)

Galloway, James Precipitation Chemistry (UVa)

Hayden, Bruce (lead PI) Administration, Climatology and Ecology (UVa)

Kochel, Craig, Coastal Geomorphology (Bucknell University)

Macko, Stephen Isotope Organic Geochmistry (UVa)

Oertel, George Coastal Geology (ODU)

Porter, John (Signatory PI) Data Mgt., GIS & Small Mammal Ecology (UVa)

Shao, Gofan Modeling, GIS and RS (UVa)

Shugart, Hank (Signatory PI) Modeling (UVa)

Smith, David Fisheries and Marine Ecology (UVa)

Waller, Deborah (Terrestrial Ecology and Physiology) ODU

Wibert, Pat Sedimentary Fluid Dynamics (UVa)

Young, Don Terrestrial Ecoogy and Plant Physiology (VCU)

Zieman, Jay Marsh Ecoilogy and Nutrient Cycling (UVa)

Collaborating Scientists at the VCR

Dolan, Robert, University of Virginia (Geomorphology)

Eshleman, Keith University of Virginia (Hydrology)

Fenster, Michael University of Virginia (Geomorphology)

Halpin, Anne, University of Virginia, (GIS)

Mills, Aaron University of Virginia (Microbial Ecology)

Myrold, David Oregon State Univ. (Physiological Ecology)

Nuttle, Wm. Carleton College, Ontario, Canada (Hydrology)

Luczkovich, Joseph, East Carolina State University (Ecology)

Paerl, Hans U. of North Carolina (Coastal Marine Ecology)

Stairs, Sherman USF&W Cape Chales VA (Conservation Ecology)

Stanley, Donald East Carolina State University (Ecology)

Truitt, Barry, TNC, Brownsville VA (Conservation Ecology)

Wetzel, Richard Virginia Inst. of Marine Scienceds (Coastal Ecology)

Wood, James, USF&W Cape Chales VA (Conservation Ecology)

Yozzo, David VIMS, Gloucster Point, VA (Fish Ecology)

Graduate Students (Caucasian except were noted) Stipend support for graduate students usually is a mixture of NSF and other funding sources. Students work on VCR LTER research problems.

Berry, Betty: MA. student, female, US citizen, VIMS

Christiansen, Trine: Ph.D. student, female, Danmark, UVa

Comess, Tracye Ph.D. student, female, US citizen, ODU

Conn, Christine: Ph.D. student, female, US citizen, ODU

Crawford, Edward M.S. student, male, US citizen, VCU

Dailey, Susan M.S., female, US citizen ECU

Daria, F. A. Ph.D. student, male, Phillipines, UVa

Dilusdtro, John Ph.D. student, male, US citizen, ODU

Elliott, Michel M.S. student, male, US citizen, VCU

Hmieleski, J. I. M.S. student, male, US citizen ECU

Joy, Deirdre M.S. student, female, US citizen, VCU

Martin, David M.S. student, male, US citizen, VCU

Osgood, D. Ph.D.: student, male, US citizen, UVa

Ridderwald, Leif: M.S. student, male, US citizen, UVa

Santos, Marcio: Ph.D. student, male, Brazil, UVa

Snook, Rich Ph.D. student, male, US citizen, ODU

Shultz, Gretchen: M.S. student, female, US citizen, ODU

Stasavich, L.E. MS student, female, US citizen, ECU

Tarnowski, Rebecca M.S. female, US citizen ECU

Tapper, Robert: M.S. student, male, US citizen, UVa

Taylor, James M.S. student, male, US citizen ECU

Tirrell, Rebbecca: M.S., female, US citizen, UVa

Tobias, Craig: Ph.D. student, male, US citizen, VIMS

Tolliver, Kathryn M.S. student, female, US citizen VCU

Tolley, Patricia M.S. student, female, US citizen ECU

Walsh, John Ph.D. student, male, US citizen UVa

Weber, Rett, Ph.D. student, male, US citizen ODU

Wijnholds, Annamarie MS student female, US citizen VCU

Williams, Chris: M.S. student, female, US citizen, ODU

Wu, Karen W. : M.S. student, female, US citizen, Chinese, UVa

Undergraduate Students (Caucasian except were noted) Support for undergraduate students includes NSF REU, VCR LTER Core Grant and Research for standard university credits.

Berntsen, Jon P. -- male, US citizen. Bucknell University

Bishop, Patrick -- male, US citizen, ECU

Christian, David -- male, US citizen, VIMS

Clark, Benjamin -- male, US citizen, UVa

Holmes, Jennifer -- female, US citizen ECU

Jones, Tammy -- female, US citizen ECU (African American)

Noah, Daniels -- male US citizen Bucknell University

Paik, Peter -- male, US citizen, Asian, VIMS

Peasley, Michael, male, US citizen, VCU

Roberts, Steve -- male, US citizen, ECU

Saks, Emily -- female, US citizenVIMS

Smith, R. D. -- male US citizen, UVa

Roberts, Stephen -- male, US citizen, VIMS

VCR Publications 1994-1995 (includes articles in Press)

Berntsen, J. P. 1995. Hydrogeomorphic and Vegetation Relatiionships on Low Profile Barrier Islands, Virginia Coast Reserve. Senior Thesis, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA

Berntsen, J., and Kochel, R.C., 1995, Hydrogeomorphic and vegetative relationships on low profile barrier islands, Virginia Coast Reserve: Geological Society of America, Abs. w. Prog. 27(1):29.

Brinson, M.M., R.R. Christian, and L.K. Blum. Multiple states in the sea-level induced transition from upland to estuary. Estuaries 18(4): xx-xx. In Press.

Brinson, M.M., W. Kruczynski, L.C. Lee, W. L. Nutter, R.D. Smith and D.F. Whigham. 1994. Developing an approach for assessing the functions of wetlands. Pages 615-624 in W. J. Mitsch (ed.) Global Wetalnds: Old World and New. Elsevier Science B.V. Amsterdam.

Culver, S.J., Woo, H.J., Oertel, G.F. and Buzas, M.A. in review, Foraminifera of coastal depositional environments, Virginia, U.S.A.: Distribution and Taphonomy.

Davis, R.E., B.P. Hayden, and G.V. Jones (1995). Climatic Change in the North Atlantic Subtropical Anticyclone and Northwestern Atlantic Sea-surface Temperatures. Proceedings of the Ninth Conference on Applied Climatology of the American Meteorological Society, 352-355.

Day, F. P. 1995. Environmental influences on belowground decomposition on a coastal barrier island determined by cotton strip assay. Pedobiologia. (In Press)

Erickson, D.L. and D.R. Young. 1995. Salinity response and the potential for ocean dispersal of a barrier island strand glycophyte, Strophostyles umbellata. Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club, in press.

Hayden, B.P. and J.A.M. Hayden 1994. The Land Must Change to Stay the Same. Virginia Explorer. Fall 1994. pp. 2-7

Hayden, B. P. 1994. Global biosphere data base requirements for GCMs. in Environmental Information management and Analysis by W. K. Michner, J. W. Brunt and S. G. Stafford Eds. 1994. Taylor and RancisLondon. pp. 263-276.

Hayden, B. P. "Outsider" Overview of Biological Models. in Integrated Regional Models: Interactions between humans and their environment. by P. M. Groffman and G. E. Likens. 1994. Chapman Hall, N. Y. pp. 13-34.

Kastler, J.A. and P.L. Wiberg, in press, Sedimentation and boundary change in Virginia salt marshes, Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science, 1995.

Moorhead, K.K. and M.M. Brinson. 1995. Response of wetlands to rising sea level in the lower coastal plain of North Carolina. Ecological Applications 5:26:261-271.

Michener, W.K. and E.R. Blood, K. L. Bildstein, M.M. Brinson and L.R. Gardner. Climate change and modified disturbance regimes in coastal wetlands: projected ecological impacts and research challenges. Ecological Applications (In Press).

Oertel, G.F., and Foyle, A.M., in press, Drainage displacement by sea-level fluctuation at the outer margin of the Chesapeake Seaway. Journal of Coastal Research.

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Oertel, G.F., and Woo, H.J., Kearney, M.S., and Foyle, A.M., 1994, Regressive to transgressive Quaternary deposits in a Delmarva coastal lagoon, Hog Island Bay, Virginia. A.A.P.G. Eastern Section Volume. Virginia Division of Mineral Resources Publication132. Charlottesville, Virginia. pp. 57-61.

Oertel, G.F., and Woo, H.J., 1994. Landscape classification and terminology for marsh in deficit lagoons. Journal of Coastal Research, 10:919-932.

Osgood, D. T. and M. C.F. V. Santos and J. C. Zieman 1995. Sediment physico-chemistdry associated with natural marsh development on a storm-deposited sand flat. Marine Ecol. Progress Ser. 120:271-283.

Semones, S.W. and D.R. Young. 1995. Possible VAM association in the actinorhizal shrub Myrica cerifera on a Virginia, USA barrier island. Mycorrhiza, in press.

Shao, G., H.H. Shugart, and T.M. Smith. 1995. A role-type model (ROPE) and its application in assessing the impacts of climate change on forest landscape. Vegetatio 114(2) (in press).

Shao, G. and P. Halpin. 1995. Climatic control of eastern North-American coastal tree and shrub distributions. J. Biogeography 22: (in press)

Shao, G., H.H. Shugart and D.R. Young. 1995. Simulation of transpiration sensitivity to environmental changes for shrub (Myrica cerifera) thickets on a Virginia barrier island. Ecological Modelling. 78: 235-248.

Shao, G., S. Zhao and H.H. Shugart. 1995 Forest Dynamics Modelling (in Chinese). China's Forestry Publication House.

Snook, R.E. and F. P. Day. 1995. Community-level allometric relationships among length, planar area and biomass of fine roots on a coastal barrier island. Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 122: (In Press).

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Young, D.R., G. Shao and J.H. Porter. 1995. Spatial and temporal growth dynamics of barrier island shrub thickets. American Journal of Botany 82: 638-645.

Young, D.R., G. Shao and M.M. Brinson. 1995. The impact of the October 1991 northeaster storm on barrier island shrub thickets (Myrica cerifera). Journal of Coastal Research, in press.

VCR Data sets.

C. Kochel

Overwash sedimentation and deflation at 8 island sites

Vibracorings (4) south Parramore overwash site and surroundings.

Groundwater level and salinity in surveyed overwash fans.

G. Oertel

Mean tidal discharge of water through the Great Machipongo Inlet.

Approximate lagoonal prism of the Great Machipongo lagoonal basin.


Ten to thirty-year-interval 1852-1993 geographical data sets for Hog Island, Smith and Parramore Islands.


Phillips Creek marsh water levels dt =15 min:August 1994->

Applicaitons of VCR Results (to date by agencies, planners etc. into their management plans or processes) i.e., LTER importance to the public.

1. VCR data used by Eastern ShoreWater Quality Consortium (Blum & Christian)

2. Expertise provided to Virginia Marine Resources Commission (Blum)

3. GIS development for Northampton County, VA (Porter & Hayden)

4. 3. GIS development for The Nature Conservancy, Brownsville, VA (Porter & Hayden)

5. 3. GIS development for U.S.F.W. Cape Charles. (Porter & Hayden)

6. Expertise provided to Assateague Nat. Seashore on Vegetation Monitoring Program (Brinson)

7. VCR coastal erosion data provied to Accomac County VA planners (Hayden)

8. VCR coastal erosion data and analyses provied to FEMA for the coatal federal flood insurance program (Dolan).

9. Netscape/Moasic WWW development provided by VCR (Porter) to

i. USFW Cape Charles, VA

ii. Northampton Co. Planning Department, EastvilleVA

iii. Virginia Coat Institute, Nassawadox, VA

iv. The Nature Conservancy, Brownsville, VA

10. VCR results and data is used by USFW, Cape Charles Va. for the construction of its environmental resources plan for the Eastern Shore of Virginia (Hayden and Porter).

11. VCR scientists serve on the Northampton County Wetlands Board reviewing and graning permits for activities in the marine areas (Carleson)

12. Participated in a review of the Economic Impact Research Study for Northampton County, VA. (Hayden)

Funding from Other Sources -- Historically (1987-1992) the VCR LTER has leveraged 1.3$ for each 1.0$ of VCR-LTER NSF core grant money. At the current time leveraged and synergistic funding is listed below. Funding time lines (money currently in place) are not the exactly same as the period covered in this Annual Report (June 1994-May 1995).

1. FEMA (Dolan) $44,000 Shoreline Erosiion

2. NOAA (Hayden) $50,000 Atlantic Coast Marine Climates.

3. Northampton County (Porter & Hayden)- NOAA $16,000 GIS

4. Northampton County (Porter & Hayden) - US DOT $10,000 GIS

5. Northampton County (Porter & Hayden) - Cape Charles Demonstartion Project GIS layer Sharing.

6. Eastern Shore Water Quality Consortium (Christian & Blum)

7. DOE (Mills) Groundwater transport of contaminants $400,000

8. Galloway

9. USFW (Christianson) $40,000 Foodweb Structure

10. USFW (Young) $5,000 Vegetation and Groundwater

11. NASA (Day) $10,106 Root Growth and Development

12. Smithsonina $144,436 Root Respnse to CO2 Enrichment.

13. USFW -- (Erwin)

14. USFW -- GIS Data Layer and System Sharing

15. Cape Charles Demonstartion Project

16. Assateague Island National Seashore Science Advisory Committee (F. Day)

17. NSF (I. Anderson) $200,000 Nitrogen Dynamics in a Salt Marsh

18. VGMSC: Comparison of the importance of microbially-based food chains in autotrophic and heterotrophic estuaries. $289,934, duration 3 yrs.

19. HEET funds see Wiberg

20. Department Overhead Research Fund (UVa) see Wiberg

21. Moore Research Overhead Fund (UVa)

22. Bannon Research Endowment Fund (UVa)

23. Odum Research Endowment Fund (UVa)

24. UVa's Presidental Fellowship Program

25. UVa's Real Estate Foundation (property acquisition) $400,000

Inter-Site Activities by VCR Scientists

Anderson -- Tragnet contribution.

Blum -- LIDET program

Blum & Hayden -- US LTER Hungarian Delegation

Macko -- US LTER Eastern Europe Delegation

International Activities by VCR Scientists


Brazil: Ecosystem metabolism in Brazilian Cerrado following a burn event. with Universidade of Brasilia.


US/Hungarian grant proposal - Biodiversity of open water trophic levels: inter-lake comparisons with J. Magnuson (NTL) to NSF International Programs by June 30, 1995.

Hungarian - USA LTER workshops: May 1994; December 1994; and, March 1995.


Presentation: Plant functional types for global ecosystem

modelling, Oct. 25-30, 1994, Potsdam, Germany.

Presentation: The application of patch models of vegetation

dynamics to global change issues, March 28-April 1, 1994, Netherlands.

Joint Project: Evaluation of forest cover types in Changbai Biosphere Reserve using TM data, cooperated with Prof. S. Zhao of CERN, China.

New Equipment available to VCR Scientists: (NSF and external funding sources)

LiCor Light Sensor

Turner Fluorometer

Sontek ADV-Field Acoustic Doppler Current Meter Sea Tech Light Scattering Sensor (2)

Sedigraph 5100 Sediment Size Analyzer

LiCor, Model 6200 portable infrared gas analyzer

LiCor, Model 6252 infrared gas analyzer


Data Bits-- Data Bits is written by John Porter as a network service in conjunction with the data management committee.

CED -- CED [Climate-Ecosystem Dynamics] is a monthly network e-mail publication produced by Bruce Hayden and distributed to more than 200 scientists across the LTER Network. The publication addresses research on the interactions between climate and vegetation and on related topics like climate change.

LIDET -- The VCR continues to participate in the network decomposition experiment (LIDET). Linda Blum is in charge of this activity.

Network Standing Committees -- The VCR is a strong participant in the two network standing committees. The Climate Committee member is Bruce Hayden and the Data Management Committee member is John Porter.