I thank the members of my doctoral committe; Drs. David Smith, Jay Zieman, Art Bulger, Tanya Furman, and Fred Diehl for invaluable advice and criticism. This study was supported by research awards from the William H. Bannon Foundation, The Odum Foundation, a Department of Environmental Sciences Moore Award, and Program Development funds from the Virginia Sea Grant College Program to Dave Smith. Additional financial support came from the Virginia Coast Reserve Long-Term Ecological Research Project, a Dupont Fellowship, a Dean's Reserve Fellowship, and Mom and Dad.

I thank the following for assistance in the field and in the laboratory: Jessica Kastler, Dave Smith, Antonio Mannino, Karen Hester, Joel Pfeiffer, Kasey Campbell, Leslie McCabe, Marcio Santos, Dave Osgood, Randy Cutter, Bob Wood, Tom Frankovich, Steve Barrett, Liz Lauck, Mike Sansur, and others. Site maps for Chapters II, III, IV, and VI were prepared by Marcio Santos. Dr. Robert Diaz provided a useful critique of Chapter VI. Master anglers Randy Carlson, Jimmy Spitler, Jessica Kastler, Bob Wood, Randy Cutter, Rob Tapper, Bob Swap, and Dale Salmons accompanied me on many "non-sanctioned" data collection trips. Thanks tp Dave Brime of Virginia Game and Inland Fisheries for providing a home base at the Chickahominy Wildlife Management Area.