VCR/LTER Monitoring Manuals

Tide, Meteorological and Pumping Stations (and as WORD 6.0 file)

Oyster Harbor Tide Station Manual- PDF

Water Quality Monitoring Methods (converted from WORD 6.0 file)

Hobo Water Level Recorders (and as WORD 6.0 file)

Laser Total Station Survey Training

Digital Fathometer/GPS setup for bathymetric surveys

Dump Trimble GPS with integrated WinCE computer

Downloading Water Level Recorders with HP Calculator and optical interface

Precipitation Station operation and construction v1.0

Small-mammal habitat measurements - video requires Realplayer

GPS-referenced digital bathymetry - video requires Realplayer

Copies of previous manuals

Password Protected Manuals

Last Revised 12/11/95